Case Studies


When a Colorado-based jewelry designer needed to enhance their brand, Altitude Agency helped to reconnect a business with its customers through a complete digital marketing strategy overhaul

Before Altitude Agency was hired, the branding and content challenges faced by John Atencio Jewelers were many. The biggest among them were:

  1. Customers weren’t aware of the level of craftsmanship that was going into their favorite jewelry. This was, in a way, ‘cheapening’ the product. If buyers knew the painstaking attention to detail that went into every piece of jewelry that John Atencio Jewelry produced, they’d be more inclined to spend more, more frequently.
  2. Customers didn’t associate the product with the artisan, which is key to connecting with high-end jewelry consumers. John Atencio needed to be more closely identified with the jewelry itself, and this had to be done through strategic branding.

To address these deficiencies, Altitude Agency crafted a completely unique, custom-tailored digital marketing campaign that included fresh, evergreen articles, product showcases, and more detailed information about John Atencio, the designer. We took a creative yet disciplined approach that worked for John and his customers in a way that was within budget and easily managed.

After thoughtful execution of multiple project phases, the results started coming in:

  • Customers were spending more time on John Atencio’s website.
  • E-commerce conversions were up.
  • Product inquiries increased.

Client visibility and reach improved, with metrics to show exactly how

Even though we were able to realize success with this customer within a fairly short timeline, more work is needed to maintain brand awareness and relationships with customers, both new and existing. Thanks to Altitude Agency, John Atencio Jewelry is selling more jewelry and getting the market share they’ve worked hard to earn.

Could we help to accomplish the same for your business? In order to find out, we’ll work one-on-one with you to determine exactly what your business goals are before mapping those goals to actionable, trackable digital marketing solutions that can be executed tomorrow.

To start the conversation, contact Altitude Agency today. Let us put the power of SEO, content development, and branding to work for you.


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