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Geofencing Campaigns from Altitude Agency

Wouldn’t it be great if you could market your business  to people who are literally right around the corner from your store? How much more effective could your advertising be if you could reach  your prospective customers who are physically nearby?

Strategic geofencing campaigns from Altitude Agency combine dynamic, real-time location information with deep insights you can use to create predictive ads, better understand your customers, and get more from your advertising dollar.

When you tailor your advertising in a way that capitalizes on where your customers drive, shop, and spend their spare time, you’re able to deliver your branded message at just the right time, to just the right people, through just the right platform.

Never has technology given digital marketers more granular control over their advertising and customer analytics. Let Altitude Agency show you how.

By narrowing your focus to geographically restricted zones that are ‘geofenced’, you’re able to tap into a more captive audience that is more likely to be receptive to your advertising. Advertising to this unique population is customized based on where they’re located, traveling to, traveling from, or even what apps they’re using while inside the Geofence.

This level of precision in advertising results in:

  • Higher conversion rates on PPC ads
  • More detailed customer analytics
  • Better advertising budget ROI
  • Improved effectiveness of managed social media
  • Broader ad reach through thousands of mobile apps
  • In-store conversion tracking
  • Much more!

In addition to the powerful advertising potential available with geofencing, there are also huge market research insights to be gained. Altitude Agency has the tools and expertise to give your business access to thousands of potential customers, and  the only requirement is that their mobile location services setting is activated.

At Altitude Agency, we have Geofencing marketing down to a science.

We analyze more consumer location metrics than other firms, interpreting mobile activity and tracking consumer behavior in a way that helps to inform the advertising decisions you make as a business.

And, our team knows how to develop smart Geofencing campaigns that make the best use of every trackable statistic that today’s mobile devices can provide, giving you the perfect portal into the daily lives of your potential customers.

Whether you’re a roofing company that wants to market to a specific zip code after a big storm, or you’re a retail store that wants to directly market to more pedestrian traffic, we can craft a customized Geofencing campaign for you.

Contact Altitude Agency today to get started.

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