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We demystify PPC.
The pay-per-click advertising world has some fantastic opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to acquire more customers in a truly targeted way. The entire idea behind a profitable PPC campaign is to minimize your cost for promoted advertising while maximizing the click through rate (CTR) of the ads that your potential customers will see. This requires a balance. Altitude Agency can achieve that balance for your business.


Digital marketing professionals have been leveraging smart PPC models since the advent of search engines themselves. However, one of the biggest PPC mistakes many companies make is not tying the PPC spend to the converted sales data. This is critical, as only showing increases in traffic don’t give you the entire picture surrounding your PPC investment. Knowing what performance metrics to gauge is only part of the PPC equation.

There are more benefits to retaining Altitude Agency for our PPC expertise, including: geo-targeted PPC focusing, recommendations for landing page optimization, bid management, and more. If you’re investing in a PPC campaign at all, you owe it to your bottom line to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for. The PPC professionals at Altitude Agency can ensure that your return on your PPC investment is the most it can be. The PPC changes we are likely to suggest come from years of experience in customizing PPC campaigns for the best possible results.

A dialed-in PPC program is an incredibly powerful lead machine that can produce high-quality leads for your business within extremely short timeframes. However, how much you spend on PPC doesn’t necessarily correlate with how much of an increase in sales you can expect. Without a thorough understand of how to properly fine-tune a PPC initiative, it’s quite possible to spend much more than you have to. By partnering with Altitude Agency for managed PPC services, you’re getting more than just promises.

You’re getting: A dedicated PPC account manager who can work one-on-one with you to track spending results, more predictable responses from your PPC spending activity, and higher click through rates for targeted advertisements. Remember that real, sustainable PPC performance comes with ongoing modifications to keyword bids, ad text, and more. Depending on the market you sell to, your product or service, and your average sales cycle, more or less work might be needed on all fronts to ensure maximum profitability.

What separates Altitude Agency from other PPC service providers is the talent that is represented in our team. We don’t just say we know how to get the most out your PPC investment, we prove our abilities with a broad portfolio of successful projects that have brought our clients sustained growth.

We also keep you apprised of your managed PPC campaign by providing you with weekly reports showing you exactly how well your investment is performing. With Altitude Agency in your corner, PPC success is yours. Contact us today to learn more about where to start in developing your next winning PPC strategy. Call us now!


of search engine users click on paid ads because they directly answer a search query.


 of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on search engine results pages.


PPC visitors are 50% more likely to convert than organic visitors.

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