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We live in an increasingly digital age, whereupon access to information has never been more widespread or easier to obtain. The Internet has not only revolutionized communication between consumers and brands, but also the speed at which information about those brands can be spread.

While this is generally viewed as a good thing, there are often negative consequences of “going viral”, especially when it displays you or your company’s image in a negative or dishonest light.

Crisis Reputation Management

Reputation SEO

Gossip and rumors can spread like wildfire—especially online—so it’s important to stay on top of managing your business’s online reputation. More often than not, this requires the assistance of reputation management experts who know where to look for damaging information and how to remove it.

Some SEO services already fall into the realm of reputation management. Publishing original content with a positive tone, such as customer testimonials or a press release, or obtaining backlinks from reputable websites that rank highly on Google are both examples of SEO tactics that can affect public perception of your business in a positive way.


Benefits of Reputation Management

However, these tactics will not be enough to save you if things go south. Humans have a natural tendency to seek out information that is controversial and provocative. This is especially true if it appears as though such information is being intentionally withheld from them, as many companies attempt to do. It only takes one negative news bite, blog post, or product review to start a snowball effect that results in your reputation becoming significantly damaged. Once this happens, the negative information can dominate search results for your business on Google, doing far more harm than good. This can leave you helpless, embarrassed, and wondering if you’ll ever recover.

That’s where the experts come in. Altitude Agency provides comprehensive Online Reputation Management (ORM) services that include:

  1. Brand visibility audit – analyzing different branded search terms and seeing what negative content appears in the first 3 pages of Google search results
  2. Identify targeted content for removal or suppression
  3. Content strategy – suppressing negative content requires a substantial amount of development, optimization, and distribution of positive content.
  4. Optimize third party targeted websites to suppress negative content
  5. Analyze and leverage additional tools and apply experimental SEO techniques when necessary


Why Altitude Agency?

Just like SEO, reputation management is a long-term solution. It’s very difficult to have negative content from a third party’s website removed (even if it’s untrue), and suppression of negative search results in Google is an arduous process that may require 6 months to a year before adequate results can be seen.

When running a business, there are always risks involved. Don’t risk what matters most: how you’re perceived in the eyes of your consumers. When it comes to fostering brand loyalty, your reputation comes first and foremost. Through our online reputation management services, Altitude Agency can help you polish your brand image and ensure that your customers see you for who you really are. Contact us today to learn more about our reputation management services.


of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.


of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


of online adults use search engines to find information on the web.

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