Chari Harris Director of Client Services

Chari Harris’ passion lies in the idea that digital marketing is essential for every business to be competitive. With so many powerful tactics for marketing on the internet, it’s easy to see why she believes it’s crucial to run online campaigns. As Director of Client Services, Chari’s focus is on positive communication, understanding and reaching the client’s goals, and celebrating their growth.


Chari’s excitement for helping Altitude’s digital marketing clients succeed shines through in every email, phone call, and in-person meeting. Rest assured your business goals will be achieved with Chari by your side.

Hailing from Alabama, Chari’s worked with clients big and small in a variety of industries across the US, including Infirmary Medical Center in the city of Mobile.

In her free time, Chari loves to hang out with her husband and dog while cooking up a storm in her kitchen with treats to share with all.

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