Mike Denman DIRECTOR oF Social Media

Mike’s experience as a filmmaker and visual content creator has given him a breadth of knowledge in the online and offline marketing worlds. Mike’s excitement in creating stunning visuals and social media campaigns drives engagement and visibility to businesses and brands no matter the industry.

Whether it’s crafting a social media ad project or finding the right scene to shoot, Mike’s unique approach to the world around him brings a breath of fresh air to every Altitude marketing project.

Mike has worked with some of the most significant video game publishers, including Warner Bros on social media projects that helped build community among gamers for some of today’s hottest titles.

He studied at Metropolitan State University before following his heart to The Art Institute of Seattle to earn a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Video Production. Mike loves to create content inclusive of all and volunteers with Colorado’s Women in Film Chapter (WIFMCO) to establish and promote an anti-harassment culture in our state’s thriving film industry.

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