Sean Hakes Founder

Imagine a 20-year old walking into your place of business and telling you the path to success lies in an untested type of marketing. He tells you how the future of your business is on the “world wide web,” a concept foreign to many companies a decade or two ago. What if it works though, and that success leads to new customers, increased revenue, and growth, unlike anything traditional marketing could do at the time…

Sean Hakes did just that at the start of his SEO career. He walked into seasoned businesses and sold them on the benefits of being ranked at the top of search results for their industry. He was hooked as he began to understand what the search engines considered essential and how changes to a client’s website had an impact big and small. His destiny was set. Digital marketing was dynamic, creative, technical, and most of all fun.

As he learned more about the SEO industry and watched it evolve, Sean adapted and grew alongside with it. As SEO became more competitive, Sean became more determined than ever to keep up with the pace and ensure the businesses that entrusted their success to him stayed on top. While those companies grew, so did Sean’s confidence that SEO was the future of marketing, and his passion for helping those in need online started his journey that eventually led to founding Altitude.

Sean is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Colorado-based Altitude Agency. He’s worked on SEO campaigns for brands such as Lending Tree, ServiceMagic (now HomeAdvisor), and Waste Management. He’s strategized on SEO specific tactics for highly competitive industries, including e-commerce, roofing, restaurants, legal defense, travel, and more.

In addition to Altitude Agency, Sean also serves as a the Digital Advisor to Colorado based Pure CBD Oil manufacturer, NuLeaf Naturals.

Sean’s ability to assess a website and ensure every aspect of SEO is touched on is remarkable. His skills have expanded over the years to include design, web development, social media marketing, and paid advertising which have allowed him to combine digital marketing disciplines for impactful online campaigns for his clients. Some would say Sean has a gift to quickly troubleshoot websites and identify the toughest issues to help overcome ranking issues in the SEO world. Whether it’s SEO, reputation management, or another facet of marketing, Sean is one of the industry’s leading business consultants on digital strategy.

His single-mindedness to see clients succeed is rooted in his belief that being flexible and adaptable to change in the digital marketing world is the key to sustained online growth. Sean’s knack for understanding the complex problems businesses face online allow him to diagnose and strategize the best ways they can beat the competition. The number of clients who are still with Sean 15+ years later after his journey began is a testament to his approach and the results found in digital marketing.

He speaks about SEO regularly to business owners and hosts seminars on some of today’s hottest topics in the digital marketing world. Sean has participated and testified in several high-profile SEO-related cases bringing his unique insight and expertise to a court setting.

Sean grew up in Aurora and is a big kid at heart. He enjoys traveling around the western US with his wife and two children. He loves to sing, do foreign accents, and see how long he can go talking in silly voices around the office. Sean loves talking to people and making new friends in and out of the SEO industry. He’s also a third-generation pilot, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and celebrated aviation icon Jim Good.

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